Harvard College Faith and Action (HCFA) was birthed in 2008 and is resourced by Christian Union, starting as a small group of eight freshmen studying the Bible together. After gaining recognition from the College as an official student organization a year later, God has blessed us with growth each year. We have over 200 regular members attending Bible Courses and other weekly activities. 

We are a gospel-centered community that welcomes students from all backgrounds. Our ministry emphasizes leadership development, rigorous study of scripture, helping the needy and active involvement in campus life. We encourage every student to pursue their calling as servant, disciple and leader, growing in the likeness and knowledge of Jesus Christ. The following are the four key values that we seek to live out on campus:

Exploring the Questions of Faith

Can faith and doubt coexist? Is God really good?  Our ministry fellows are all seminary-trained and provide teaching, mentorship, and coaching in leadership and ministry. As we explore the claims of scripture together, we encourage students not to shy away from asking difficult questions but to be honest and critical in their pursuit of life’s big questions.

Celebrating the Work of Christ Through the Unity of Believers

HCFA welcomes students from every race, denomination, gender, and background to encounter Jesus Christ through the communion of believers. Harvard is an amazing community that gathers students from our world; we strive to make our community a place that celebrates that diversity.

Growing in the Obedience of Faith

Faith is not what we claim to think — it’s how we live our lives. There are plenty of ways to practice one’s faith in Jesus: reaching the poor, overcoming personal sin, serving our fellow students on campus, and more. We encourage students to get involved in one of our many ministry teams to put this into practice.

Equipping Future Leaders

Harvard brings in students who are natural leaders. Our mission is not just to give students warm memories to cherish in their later years, but to develop their God-given gifts and ambitions for service beyond Harvard. Our vision is ultimately not just to impact the campus but the whole world.