HCFA has 11 individual ministry teams that you can be a part of. Read their descriptions here to see what we’re up to and to see which one best matches your interests! To learn more about or to get in touch with the current ministry team leaders, click here.

Communications Team
The Communications Team exists to be the compelling face of HCFA by shaping our image before others and to be the helpful flow of information within HCFA.

Community Team
The Community team exists to glorify God by fostering gospel-shaped community among HCFA members. The community team aims to create events in which students are able to both develop new friendships and deepen existing friendships in a way that reflects the ideals of Christian community. Their priority is to allow students to spend time together and grow in community while also providing an inviting space for new students to feel welcome. 

Discipleship Team
The purpose of Discipleship Team is to disciple the women and men of HCFA to foster a relationship with Christ through mentoring, accountability, and fellowship.

Doxa Team
Doxa seeks to serve as the inviting front entrance to the HCFA community. We envision our Friday night gatherings as an inclusive space that offers nourishment, challenge, and community to all who gather to question and learn about God. We hope Doxa empowers attendees to magnify the image of God on Harvard’s campus.

Outreach Team
This team exists to glorify God by providing unassuming and non-threatening ways for the broader Harvard community to come in contact with Christians. The CK&H team is an accessible touch point for students to engage with a Christian in a positive way, while increasing the overall awareness of the Christian presence on campus. We do this by engaging with and fostering relationships with non-Christians in order to create opportunities to encounter God through the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition to that, we create a space for critical conversations and purposeful praxis, in order to build an ethos of social engagement within HCFA.  

Seeking God Team
The Seeking God Team exists first and foremost to be a tangible expression that our supreme delight and goal as Christians is to know God and to enjoy Him. Secondly, to cultivate within HCFA a deep and thoughtful commitment to live lives of faithful and sacrificial obedience to Jesus Christ. 

Worship Team
Through music, Worship Team leads us into a time of seeking and praising God. Singing both ancient and modern worship songs together allows us to unitedly lean into the goodness and justice of God while also acknowledging each voice's value in our community.  Because we arrange our musical team in the first few weeks of each semester, we welcome you to attend our interest meetings held at the beginning of each semester. Also feel free to contact us in the meantime about what serving on worship team in the future could look like.